Piginstein & Grumpalina

Piginstein & Grumpalina

Squirrel watching 101-two cats are better than one.


One thought on “Piginstein & Grumpalina”

  1. I’m learning the Sigil program this morning, while waiting on comments from my volunteer editor. Yes, yes….I know it would be better to pay for a real editor. I plan to do this for my second book, but the other human in my household insists that I make money on book number one before spending any cash on book number two. Book one is hopefully going to make enough money to pay for some professional editing on my new book. While I’m learning all about EPUB creation, Piginstein and Princess Grumpalina decided to get really excited about the squirrel who has been eating our blackberries. It apparently takes two cats for sufficient squirrel intimidation.

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