Piginstein claims new lair

Piginstein claims new lair

So, a delivery left me with a box. Normally, Grumpalina is my kitty who loves a box. She’ll play with it, then lose interest, then I recycle the box. This time Piginstein decided to claim the box. He has been using it as his new lair. You can see his little glowing eyes:)

Today I will be taking my MC into the fantasy part of the story for Phantom. Thinking of changing the working title now due to decisions I’ve had to commit to. Been a good week for inspiration. I also have my new Kitty James idea nailed down pretty well. Hoping to make some progress on that outline. Outlining is a new concept for me, but I’m finding it helpful when working through blocks. Nevertheless, I deviate from it almost as soon as it’s written down. The important thing is that I’m not blocked, right?


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