A small note on visualization in my story….

A small note on visualization in my story....

Today, I’m behaving myself and making progress on my new urban fantasy. One of the hardest things for me to do as a writer is come up with names.

Names are a toughie for me. I can day dream and make up stories all day long, but what to call something/someone is hard for me. I name things according to what they ARE. For example, my cats. I had them for two weeks before naming them (real names, not fictional) based on their personality. When I don’t get the name, I lose the ability to fully visualize.

A small note on visualization. I have always had a motion picture running in my head when I read. I think in images. Words are powerful image generators for me, so much so that when I cannot associate a image with a word, I can have mental hic-ups. I HAVE to do this.

Abstract ideas that I don’t assign an image to can be very hard for me to retain and then juggle around. So when I’m writing, even if I don’t assign those attributes for my audience, I have to know. At least temporarily. Once I know what my story is, then I can go back and rename things according to the image I have generated.

Urban fantasy has lots of elements that have to have this type of imagery. That is part of the challenge. I find my progress is much slower, but in some ways more fun than with the real-world stuff.

So thanks to those nice folks with the name generators online. Its not my total solution, but it helps me get past this obstacle and move on to creating my story!

About the Pic!

I’m no Martha Stewart, or super-domesticated goddess. However, I did learn a lot from my family about doing things yourself that improve your life. One of those is growing some of your own food. My formula is pretty simple actually. I lean heavily towards growing things that are either rare, or expensive in my search for a better quality of life. One of those things in life that I consider worth it, are fresh sugary figs. They have just started to ripen, and the first taste was heaven. Don’t they look gorgeous?


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