Piginstein Escapes-Recaptured!

Piginstein Escapes-Recaptured!

Well, Piginstein managed to escape his prison (comfy house with lots of nice nap places) and hid under the car. He does this from time to time just to prove that he is free and CHOOSES to remain in the house. Well, hats off to Pavlov and his response. I left the door open and quickly put a can of tuna in the automatic can opener. He knows that sound! He came running back in, not one to miss out of tuna.

Day job has been keeping me busy, but even so I’ve managed to get a solid start on my new Kitty James story (Abbey’s Palace). POV is a new character who will also have a new romance.:) Sometimes words just come out of my fingers, with no conscious thought at all. It’s like I’m channeling the spirit of another author LOL!


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