Been Busy-Lots of projects

Been Busy-Lots of projects

I’ve had lots to do this month. My second Kitty James novel is going well. Up to chapter 7. Whew! Meanwhile, I’m stalled on my urban fantasy. It may go into the abandoned projects folder. Sometimes I do that, then it resurrects itself later. Trying to force creativity is a waste of time. So, going with what is moving me, and that’s my new MC in the KJ2, Daphne Arden. Kitty is shy, but Daphne is plucky! Or I should say a real smart*&^. She’s having a romance with a previously introduced Dectective:) Love romance, don’t you?

Pic is of Zinnia seeds I’ve been harvesting and drying. Also drying lots of other flower seeds, rosemary, and making my grammy’s sweet pickles. All will be going into the Christmas gift pile for those who have supported my work (both kinds) this year. Hope everyone who reads this has a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


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