Finally…EBT is live! Going to paint my porch now:)

2015-08-15 12.11.10

So, after waiting for the interminable pre-order phase to pass, EBT is now live on all major e-book retailers. Now back to real life for a little while. That means finishing painting my decrepit wood deck, mowing grass, and if I’m lucky enough to get my newest client’s contract back, I’ll be doing some mapping.  I’m also speaking at one of my industry’s professional conferences.

So lots going on, and while I’m painting, mowing, and spending fun filled nights in a hotel room working on a presentation, I’ll also be finishing up the plot for the 3rd Kitty James book so I can knock it out during @NaNaWriMo in November.

You may ask – “But, if you have a successful career, why are you distracting yourself with writing romantic suspense stories?”

Well, if you are new to my blog, then you don’t know. I do this for FUN. I actually majored in Communications with a concentration in Broadcasting from my university, but somehow ended up in an exciting technology field. So I have to keep my place there (because I actually do love doing it) but I also HAVE to have a creative outlet to keep my sanity. Of course when I get that major book deal from Big Time Publishing in The Big City, I’ll shift into a new career. There  is also the fact that I will retire from technology at some point. But no matter how old I get, I don’t ever see a day when I won’t want to write.


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