Reality is calling…..

2015-08-22 16.32.00

Pic is of Princess Grumpalina taking advantage of an unplanned nap opportunity on my lap. She was only there for 3 minutes max, but I can learn a lot about how to take advantage of an opportunity from my feline masters.

I’ve finally gotten the contract I’ve been working on for over a month, and it is time to pay the bills with sojourn into digital mapping world. Sometimes its good to switch off to something else. I find it helps with my creativity. So instead of resenting the interruption, I’ll make use of it.:) I like what I do, don’t get me wrong, but digital mapping land is a place of either feast or famine, and when duty calls all other projects hit a brick wall.

So here is how I will use this time to advance BOTH of my chosen life paths. By actually listing the things I plan to work through, I am committing my subconscious to actually working through them. Solutions will come to me as I work, and sometimes I even dream solutions to my problems, proving that they come from that secret part of my mind.

Here’s my list:

**While I am creating a great map–My subconscious will be tangling with plot/sub-plot ideas for KJ3.  **While I’m gathering cadastral data, and creating a standardized legend for all the clients map products–I will find myself getting ideas about characters, their quirks
**While organizing a data directory structure, or designing training documentation.-I will develop the humor I plan to include.
**While I’m finalizing my next presentation to my colleagues at the September conference on the coast, I will make a checklist of things to research, and get that list into my smart phone.
**I will use my time in the hotel room at that same conference, to jot down all the things I’m coming up with so I don’t lose any wonderful ideas.

After this client is happy and I shoot them an invoice, I’ll have a lot to write about while I wait the 30-90 days for a check. Since NaNaWriMo is coming up and I plan to knock out the first draft of KJ3 during November, I’ll be closer to that goal as a result of having everything on hold for a little while.

So when I find life interrupts my writing, I try to use that interruption to deepen plots, make characters richer, or work out time consuming issues and fact check. These thing have to happen anyway, so its best to make it work for me. Its also a good thing to get paid for something I do occasionally as it keeps Princess Grumpalina and Piginstein in kibble.:)


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