I would vote for Hobbes

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Two of my favorite cartoons growing up were Calvin & Hobbes and Bloom County. Earlier this summer Bloom County creator Berkeley Breathed started drawing his strip again.

I was thrilled. (insert rabid fan-girl squeal here)

Even better, he seems to be taunting Bill Waterson to come out of retirement with his inclusion of Hobbes in various ways. Kind of a ‘the waters fine….come out and play!’ sort of vibe. (*gasp* dare I hope?)

Perhaps I’m reading meaning where there is none intended? But Abby Fillerup’s mother (John Cutter’s most recent love interest) has a tattoo of Hobbes on her ankle, and Hobbes was included in the Opus & Bill presidential propaganda (implying that Hobbes ‘flings boogers’) and there may be some I forgot already but there is a definite theme. It gives me hope that I might yet see again that dynamic duo that gave me such delight in my youth. Then I would have them BOTH back.

As much as I adore Bill the Cat, I would vote for Hobbes in a heartbeat. Like so many of my generation my mother SWORE that Bill Waterson had to KNOW me and was just changing Calvin’s gender in an attempt to protect the innocent (my family…not me).

Hobbes character was more like the voice of reason that somehow also perversely eggs you on. That would have been my older sister, who I adore more with every year.

If she wasn’t duping me (because I was sooo gullible) she was in cahoots with me on various things. Always one to have ‘great ideas’, during such episodes I would invariably want to go that one little step too far…. This was her cue to go from comrade in arms to double-agent, and she would be the one who tried to rein me in with the calm voice of reason (or threaten to blow the whistle to mom).

So yes, as much as I support the flightless waterfowl and lobotomized cat’s efforts (styled as the ‘warrior poets of our time’) I would still vote for Hobbes, especially if he persuades Bill to throw Opus over and join his ticket. Two cats? Making history baby….who wouldn’t vote for that?


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