#NaNoWriMo Project Update!

2015-10-22 12.32.32

I’m writing KJ3 in a month, which is a big experiment for me. Just like the little soaps in the picture, which as you can see some of the little things turned out better than others, which always results in some lessons learned.

So….sixteen days into #NaNoWriMo and I’m on target. The Third Kitty James Mystery is shaping up nicely! The third book in the series is told from Gail Dailey’s POV. I introduced Gail as the snarky receptionist at SPArkles Salon in book 2, but Gail has a secret life and that is the focus of the story. Don’t we all have secrets?

I should have the completed HUD (That stands for Hideously Ugly Draft) finished by December first at this rate. That will make my Mr. Moss Society ladies who are my beta readers happy. They have more time to read, review and analyze during the colder months.

My new approach to outlining is working well. I haven’t scrapped anything yet which means no wasted work. During the editing process entire chapters will get rewritten or even deleted entirely. That’s part of it. I try to kill my darlings if they need killing. Usually what is born of the process makes my story even better.

In the meantime I’ve been sick with some sort of evil cold virus. Not up to doing a lot in other areas of life, it’s been a good time to write. It’s also been a good time to do a little marketing. I’ve gotten some great new reviews on both Goodreads and Amazon as well as some wonderful book bloggers. Special Thanks to Boundless Book Reviews (5 stars), Smexy Books (Rating ‘B’), Night Owl Reviews (3.5 stars), Just Book Talk (5 Stars) and Bambi Unbridled (4 Stars/2 Flames)for their reviews. Don’t know why iTunes readers don’t rate/review books. I’ve sold some on iTunes but there are not any reviews there yet to speak of. Hopefully the Christmas season will see some activity on iTunes that result in reviews and ratings.

So I’m off to finished #NaNoWriMo!


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