New Project-Fantasy!

Pic is of Grumpalina. She lost some of her fur on her belly last fall and its slow to grow back. Now she is devoted to her one true love–The heating pad. She will probably be faithful until the fur grows back. 🙂

2015-12-12 17.48.08.jpg

So KJM3 is out to the Mr. Moss Society ladies for comment, and I’ve been seized by the compulsion to write that fantasy I’ve been kicking around forever.

I’m not sure how professional writers generate great stories, but often mine have to incubate in my imagination for a while before I’m really inspired enough to write them down. For example, it was two years ago when I first started thinking about this one. Back then it was going to be a serious fantasy, new adult. I even wrote book 1, complete with cliff-hanger to make you want more. Then I stuck. I was writing a KJ at the time, so whenever I get a little stuck, I switch to the alternate project. I never came back to it though. Now I’m really glad I didn’t.

Fast forward to the height of the holiday season 2015. (aka, the month I have the least amount of time for writing)

Now, I’ve fully developed the concept in my head and it has evolved into something very different than what I was attempting before. Now its still going to be a new adult fantasy, but it will definitely be a comedy and not a super serious work.


Well, maybe I’m just not feeling it….or the weather changed. or any other reason you want to try to apply, but the truth is probably that it just wasn’t fully incubated back when I first attempted it, and now I think the story will be so much more richer and satisfying for the extra time spent in my mental oven.

So, sometimes you just have to give yourself time to develop a great story idea. Maybe there is a trick for some that allows them to force great ideas out of their head assembly-line style, but mine doesn’t seem to work that way. Whatever the mystery behind my creative process is, I’m really excited about this story idea now. Maybe that is the pop-up timer that lets me know I’m truly ready to start.


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