I’m in #1lineWed ‘s thrall…..

1LineWedEvery Wednesday, authors from all over the Twittersphere are tweeting lines from a work in progress (WIP).  The event is organized by the RWA’s Kiss of Death Chapter (@RWAKissofDeath).  Functions like a virtual flash-mob. We tweet, heart, re-tweet, and comment. By late afternoon, the event is over. Big love-fest of thank you’s and mentions commences.

Why is it fun?

  • It forces me to find a line in my WIP and make it fabulous. (This is what I want, no?)
  • I get to see other authors WIP lines, inspiring me.
  • I make twitter-friends (Twiends??)
  • Cheering on others is fun.
  • Other authors cheering me on is fun
  • It makes me smile.

Playing the game well means mastering the rules.

  • Standard length= 140 characters. Part of those 140 are hashtags, and for the ambitious, a blog address or GoodReads Author page, etc. (Shameless self-promotion).
  • Picking a line that agrees with the theme.
  • No advertisements are allowed. (Keeps the channel free of noise) Some people do get creative and post images, giving them a little wiggle room.

It’s not just a game, but a useful exercise that hones my writing.

  • It’s good, fun training/practice for painting effective pictures, scenes, emotions, without relying on the rest of the paragraph.
  • I’m motivated to do better. I don’t want to put something lame or riddled with errors out there for everyone to see. I certainly don’t want to be judged by my worst effort.
  • 140 characters means I have to refine that sentence. Really well. Really, really well. It’s gotta be tight. Especially if I want extra room for my blog.
  • I’m training myself to self-edit and write with that #1LineWed ‘worthy’ test in mind, making every sentence in my WIP tighter. My whole WIP benefits, not just the line I play with.

The game lets me be inspired by other talented authors, while forcing me to become better myself. See what I post on Wednesday by following me on Twitter. @KittyJamesBooks. I’m a competitive person, I’m in #1LineWed’s thrall, totally addicted, unable to stop.



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