Life & Story Revisions


2016-05-18 12.22.12

Picture is a flock of Turkey Vultures looking for flesh to pick from bones.

Life changes. No great revelation there, but sometimes the changes consume you and when that happens everything else that is important to you goes on hold. That’s  what happened to me this year. I haven’t written anything new in over two months. What? What? How could that be?

Well, glad you asked.

You see, like most aspiring authors, I have ye-old-day-job. I’m a technology professional, so my day job pays much better than writing ever will, so I’ve made my peace with keeping ye-old-day-job until retirement. A few years ago I realized that ‘the man’ was not compensating me fairly for my contributions, and so I started My Own Company (MOC). Oh, happy day. I had never truly worked hard until I started my own business, but I loved every minute of it. I charged more money for my work, which allowed me to do other things, etc etc etc etc.

Along comes the North Carolina law makers and Powerful Forces of Industry . They made some pretty big headlines with HB2 this year, but truthfully  they’ve been passing some questionable laws for a few years now. Mainly because they feel safe in their seats due to the completely over-the-top gerrymandering. NC is one of the worst (or ‘expertly’ depending on your POV) gerrymandered states in the union. So along with gutting our state’s environmental protection policies, stirring up civil rights issues, they also passed a little law that made it illegal for me to work for myself. In order to work– I must work under another type of professional. That certain-type-of-professional is not tech savvy and has no business governing my entire profession.

That didn’t matter. The Powerful Forces of the Industry (see Big Money Campaign Donors) were able to get law passed to shut down MOC. I’ve been slogging  along working for someone else again in the last couple of months. The effort involved sunk my battleship, leaving me no time to edit my WIP for KJ3. Recreational time? You  don’t get recreational time!

So, now that one of my life’s dreams has gasped its last breath, I’m turning back to some others that are still hanging on with life support systems like KJ3 (working title “Cat’s Paw”).

And here-lies-revisions too. Bunches of them. I’ve decided to rework the story to add another arc, and offer a little more depth to my MC. Of course, it will change her motivations for a lot of other things, so I’ll basically have to redraft the whole WIP with the new arc in mind. This type of revision doesn’t bother me near as much as determining my new day-time career path, but it’s still a major effort.

So–when asked “what did you do on your summer vacation? ” I’ll probably answer, ‘oh, I rewrote my whole WIP.” Who knows? Maybe it will be cathartic.

I’m not bitter. Nope. Not at all. Well….yeah, I guess I am. When all the dust settles and the Federal Fair Trade Commission comes to town to straighten things out there will be some survivors. I just won’t be one of them and that really stinks. For everyone that escaped the Titanic in a row boat, a whole lot more drowned a cold icy death next to an iceberg. Sometimes your the windshield, and sometimes your the bug.

Oh well, at least no one can take my writing away from me. Can we say Freedom of Speech? Right now, yes…we still can.


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