Hungering for something new

2016-07-01 18.45.17 - Copy

Pic is of Piginstein lusting after a bunny who is quite unaware of its tastyness….

Well, still not writing. I applied for a federal job. It was practically a dissertation to apply for a single job. I wonder that anyone sticks with the process at all. In the meantime I’ve been fantasizing. Just like Piginstein or Captain Ahab, I’m lusting after objectives that seem just out of reach.

It’s been a hard year. Agatha Christie wrote in her autobiography that she knew she was a professional after she finished her WIP during her divorce from Archie. She was at her lowest point, but she made herself work because she had a contract to finish. I read that book, and while it isn’t my favorite, it has some dark tones that her earlier work did not have. I hope this years difficulties yield some creative benefit for me and allow me to see further into my stories soul than I did before. So what could I do that would stretch my writing muscles? A-ha. I have it.

I have managed to read some this year, and in reading really good material (necessary to state because I frequently read bad too) it has occurred to me that one of thing things I’ve never played with in my fantasy writing is realism. Blending the effects of gritty reality into my fantasy world. I’m seriously thinking of giving it a go just to see what would come of it. Its also something I can do to reinforce the habit of writing itself when my time is short. It doesn’t have to lead anywhere, and will probably yield some ideas. Much like brainstorming. Anything at all that can resuscitated sensation in my brain at this point in 2016 stands a good shot of being positive. Just like plucky heroines, I refuse to let the forces of darkness and evil win and my bright shining eyes will smile with determination to win despite my adversities. In real life? I’ve learned that not quitting is really the secret sauce to success anyhoo, so if that desire to persevere is still alive….well, then so am I.




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