There is no making this better

I’m still in shock and unable to process what just happened. Do I really still live in a country this full of hate, and bigots, and people so uneducated that they would do this to us?

I’m sad for myself, and our nations daughters, because many of their mothers betrayed them by voting for that man.

I feel betrayed by those who should have fought to move us forward instead of back in time. I don’t think I can forgive those women for that.

So if your one of them, the women who did this? Don’t wonder why you can’t get equal pay, or a promotion. Or anything else that requires respect. You obviously don’t really want it, or you would have made a different choice. Choices you may not have for much longer….after all back in the ‘good old days’ women didn’t vote at all, didn’t have the right to have a bank account, and died in childbirth after like 20 pregnancies.


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