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I’m an experienced writer with an undergraduate degree in Communication Studies from UAB. After a career as a Geographic Information Systems Consultant and surviving breast cancer I decided to fulfill my dreams of writing fiction. Now, in addition to my day job (still a GIS consultant) I’m a Indie novelist, writing mystery romance with a touch of the fantasy. I live in North Carolina with another human and two felines.
One is a cat. He is an professional napper. He plays with his catnip banana, begs for tuna. Affectionately nicked named ‘piginstein‘.
The other is an intelligent life form of some kind that is trapped in a feline body. She rants, raves, and gets really out of sorts when she doesn’t get her way. Tries desperately to communicate her will. She is amazingly successful at this. Affectionately nick named ‘princess grumpalina‘.
Both felines were the inspiration for ‘Rex’ and ‘Jo’ in my Kitty James series. (Rex in honor of Rex Stout, Jo in honor of J.K. Rowling.) I don’t know what I’ll post about my Indie author adventures in both writing and getting published. I do know there will be lots of cute pictures of my cats all over the blog.

Want to know more about my books? Please visit my author page on GoodReads.com This is where you can find out more about my books, and rate my books or leave me a review. My Amazon page is here. You can also find me on Twitter. (@KittyJamesBooks). You can also now find some really great reviews of my books by well known book bloggers. You can find reviews on Boundless Book Reviews, Smexy’s Books, Just Book Talk, Bambi Unbridled, and Night Owl Reviews. My thanks to all who give me good feedback, so even if you are not a book blogger feel free to drop me a line with a comment, suggestion, or even a bit of constructive criticism at kitty james 13 at gmail dot com. I love to get feedback from readers.

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Kitty James

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